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“The most loved list” is a melange of Naani’ki jewels that thrive on nostalgia, handmade upcycled textile accessories high on vibrant energy, curtains that are all about expression, and clothes that bring freedom along

Here's a synthesis of thousands of bonds formed with that many people. YOU have endorsed these and it’s the best judgement one could rely on. 
From vintage inspired classic Naani’ki pieces to fresh experiments with old techniques that have been loved by takers new and old are in this assembly. For instance, the classic Gulband has been a favourite since it’s inception! While the newbie Nadira set has won many hearts.
The midnight saree has made us a part of countless stories. The Iris dress and it’s various happy colours have shown us many a twirling moments and we have been lucky to have had a sneak peek of those in the form of videos and pictures sent to us. 
These best selling pieces are and have been the conversations we have had with you for 9 years!!! 

We as an artisan ecology make each & every piece with utmost love and care. Every time we launch a new collection, we wait with bated breaths for its unveiling, it’s interaction with real people, a fluttering feeling in our gut wants to know as to which piece will be the first one to find it’s taker! 
Best selling collections are nurtured over time. Your responses/reviews each time we make and deliver and an unparalleled affection for selected products opens new doors of learning! It is an utter mystery as to which product will receive the most attention, which will be crowned as a best seller! When that happens, we too realise the answer to a puzzle that no one can solve beforehand! 

It is an anticipating journey from ideating to designing, from deciding the colours to slowly putting the whole picture of a collection together. From curating tiny details such as flowers, buttons, trims and motifs to naming each product to finally adding a little something extra, the process in itself takes us through many emotions!
When a product is sold again and again, we begin to see it differently too, it becomes an experience for us and wfor us and we learn from it and make it in a different light afterwards. We nickname it, talk to it and it talks back to us in the form of the love and acknowledgment we receive from its taker. 
That is our prize and we want to share it with you.. 

So here’s this list of products that are timeless. Be it a self love purchase or a gift for your loved one, taking one of these is a decision you will be happy with!