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What comes to mind when you hear the word “Nomad”? Or “Banjaran”? Tattoos, piercings, chunky silver jewelry & most important, voluminous ghaghras! How easily identifiable is the tribe because of its clothing. Because clothes are not just a piece of garment, they are much more. They are an extension of your personality, your community & your identity. The clothes you wear are a give-away of your personal choices & your surroundings. Every garment tells a story; of tradition, of habitat & of imagination. In old times, creating a garment was an exercise in community building. Women would finish chores & gather in verandas, armed with threads & needles, & spend long, lazy afternoons doing embroidery on kurtas, saris or frocks. And if it were winters, the embroidery hoops would be replaced by knitting needles moving back n forth creating colorful & cozy woolens. The creative exercise would be punctuated with gossip, laughter & some more gossip. The individual yet collective expression became the identity of a region, easily recognizable through women’s clothing. “Chikankari” from UP, “Gota” from Rajasthan, “Phulkari” from Punjab, “Pipli” from Odisha & so on... Women’s clothing, across centuries, has been the primary carrier of these community expressions. Be it a sari, suit or ghaghras or Bohemian Clothing for Women or any other women’s dresses have offered a wider canvas for the artisan to paint his whimsical dreams on. Women also assert their association with their tribes through their clothing. The traditional ones swearing by ethnic wear & the bohemian spirited ones finding comfort in flowing silhouettes.

NOMAD women’s clothing strives to combine the two tribes; the traditional & the boho-spirited. Our women’s dresses & ethnic wear appeal to the old-fashioned as well as the modern tempered.  Announce your allegiance with your community. Come, join the tribe! 


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