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Color of truth is grey.

Ayesha, a 34 year young mother to Kabir, 13, arrives at NOMAD studio on her Scooty every morning. Masked in mulmul under an old helmet, tough and gentle at the same time...
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I journey

DIY (Do it Yourself) is the one of the most special forms of expression. It is somewhere delicate in its approach, a little more heartfelt than your usual activity. Creativity...
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On or Off?

Cleaning a switch board smeared with gunk from a zillion fingers. I scrubbed and scrubbed like a zombie as if I was curing a part of my soul. Time stopped and a certain relief...
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Hands Heal

Hands are a Vital Communication tool, arguably more than Voice, says Tim Booth who has been photographing hands and telling stories through them in his series “The show of Hands...
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