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The tiny most additions for any outfit and yet the most functional one, buttons are a great way to accessorise apparel. Putting this thought to exercise, we bring to you our artful creations that are as exquisite as handsy. Interestingly buttons, specially silver ones are also the best unisex accessory and hence a well established sartorial phenomenon. An important part of wedding trousseaus, these make the best of gifts for your soon to be groom brother or the blushing bride-to-be!

Silver buttons have long been a way to add glamour and luxury to apparel. A regal statement, these value adding fasteners date back to hundreds of years. Infusing traditions and some Nomad charm, we handmade precious fasteners as a love token for your favourite garments. 

Fabric floral buttons add instant bohemia and colour to any outfit. Slowly made with a purpose to use everything we have and make everything we can, these are the garment accessory that your clothes will thank you for. These nature inspired blooms will elevate any outfit instantly as they are truly cute as a button! Add details to your festive outfits or perk up a monotonous one, these are keepers for you or your loved ones (gifting idea alert!).

Their being detachable in nature adds to their utility & leaves room for creativity. With classic motifs in silver and light mood flowery and leafy appendages in the textile ones, these long lasting buttons are a perfect touch to your curated look.
A great gifting option, these mini accessories will surely make the receiver’s heart joyful.