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NOMAD’s identity is rooted in rural India. The perennial celebratory mood that prevails all over, negating the need for an occasion. Its as if every little moment is seized & marked through colors. And the palette is as bright as imaginable. The reddest reds, the bluest blues & the greenest greens! Even if you are just a bystander, its hard not to get pulled into the celebration. The colorful women’s clothes, the vividly painted windows & doors, or even the mud & mirror “lippan” walls, rural India continues to inspire with its constant joyful state. It reminds us to not wait for a big opportunity to be happy & find contentment in small things. Nothing misses the eye of the rural/tribal India. The rising of the sun, the flitting of butterflies, the singing of the birds; everything is duly observed & expressed on every available material. Be it pottery or weaves, everything bears testimony to what goes on in rural India. The contrasting colors, seemingly mismatched yet in perfect harmony, create a balance that carefully paired colors cannot. The magenta “Turpai” on an orange skirt might strike a discordant note in the eyes trained to look for symmetry but to the creator of the skirt, it is an extension of their inner colorful world.  The observation of all events occurring in the surroundings carries a universal appeal. No wonder NOMAD handmade women’s clothing echoes across continents. The blooming of flowers noticed & copied on a fabric canvas becomes “Chheent” & is turned into fashionable ethnic wear from rural India that travels through regional borders. From blouses to ghaghra skirts, the happy vibe from villages is passed down to the cities through NOMAD handmade designer skirts & ethnic wear. Buy online these voluminous long skirts that offer grace & freedom, at the same time! The intense color palette revives the dullest of days & puts the spark back in. Everytime you wear a NOMAD handmade designer skirt, you indulge in a slice of rural India’s imaginative creativity.

Buy online women’s designer skirts that take the unbeaten path & define “unfashion”. NOMAD ghaghra skirts inspire you to make your own road & walk it, dancing & twirling. Come along & whirl away! 


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