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The Nomad skirt is pure expression of freedom, bohemia and everything buoyant.
A heartfelt creation by our artisan community, it sums up Nomad’s identity inspired from rural India with vibrant chheent and twirling gher!

Handwoven fabrics slow stitched with many kalis and decorated doris at the waist make these detailed ghagharas a garment that saves the day with their quirky mood. Hand spun breezy cotton, chanderis and silks that feel like second skin make these designer skirts and chanderi skirts a winner at looks as well as comfort. 

The electricity of this happy attire touches not just the wearer but the onlooker too! From Mexico to Malaysia, The Atlantic to the Indian sun-continent, a skirt is an assemble that has endless possibilities to make the wearer happy. 

Intricate hand embellished details such as flowers appliquéd, mashru hems, playful zari scallops, hand rolled doris with flowers, embroidered bootas make these skirts perfect for everyday festivities and for days you want to feel ecstatic for no reason. 

Hand tailored for that perfect flare, these handmade designer skirts like chanderi skirts in a vivid colour palette are a mood-lifter and icebreaker for conversations. Bluest blues, reddest reds and the greenest greens along with minimal solids and bridal ghaghras provide an option of a big dancing skirt to every taste. 

Pair these up with kurtis, vintage blouses and dupattas for an inspired traditional look or with shirts & sneakers for street smart dressing! These creative skirts are a global attire and can be worn in infinite ways!