The Journey

Hello! Welcome to this bohemian at heart universe where we create with kindness and grow together in harmony as we make. Imagine and wonder with us as you browse through a selection of joyful creations that let you interact with raw nature in their aesthetics and handmade origin. 

Delight your heart with taking these home or converse with us to share how they make you feel. Together let us create a space that nurtures, strengthens and gives back to the community while taking something for yourself.

*Who are we?*

We are Nomad. Translating the dreams of a wanderer’s heart through vintage inspired jewellery, slow-made fashion, nature inspired curtains and home accessories that evoke sentiment.

Rooted in heritage and nature, we create handmade experiences to last. Connecting weavers, artisans, flowermakers, tailors, dyers and various other niche artists, we are an ecosystem of local art and heritage craft. We create keepsakes that are conversation starters and gifts that last. 

*Our Process*

Our process is aligned with this thought that runs through our entire structure, ‘Be minimal but express maximal.’

From one person to many weavers, jewellers and artisans across the country, we have built our ecosystem of working in an ethical system with fair wages, communicative environment and relaxed working hours.

Following a strict zero waste policy, We take what we have and make what we can with Nature being our first example in sustainability.

With time tested handloom fabric, we slow-make all our apparel, up-cycled textile jewellery and curtains. Our Naani’ki jewellery is handmade in sepia toned workshops across northern India, an ode to nostalgic memories that make these jewels special.


The Nomad creation is fresh, nature inspired and energetic. It is purely handmade for a dose of dopamine dressing. Hints of bohemia lend it a unique quality that affects the taker with its infectious happiness too. 

The nomad product revives the old school charm of up-cycled accessories, appliqué with handmade blooms, many Kali skirts to twirl in, colours that talk and jewels that evoke nostalgia. 

Every product is made slowly by hands to make you feel special. 


The Nomad taker is the one that wants to take home a slice of bohemia, a feel good factor of having purchased an ethically sourced, ethically made product. 

Our patrons are the ones that wear their heart on their sleeves and take life with a pinch of salt. The ones who want to interact with nature and imbibe it’s originality by choosing to invest in the handmade inspired by it. 

The Nomad taker resonates with the Nomad maker and both together endorse the art of being slow, mindful and beautiful.


We at Nomad are all about storytelling through our craft. We want to converse..converse…and converse and with it, we see a community building up that believes in slow, mindful and handmade. 

We are high on vibrant energy and we want to add ‘feel good’ things to closets, dressing tables and homes that foster warm conversations and honest relationships. 

We want to take life as is and make so much more out of it.