Size Guide

Hey you! Before you pick up that inch-tape & start negating the bountiful experiences that sit snug on your body as curves, remember; no matter what size or shape, you are the most beautiful woman right now!

NOMAD is a celebration of femininity. And female form is varied. As a token of acknowledgment of our appreciation of all womanly shapes, we have expanded our size chart to include all sizes; from petite to curvaceous. Our sizes now start at 6 for the upper garments & go up to 20.
We suggest you take an inch-tape & measure your size in a relaxed state, without squeezing in or squeezing out your belly or bust. In case you like your garment to be fitted, add three inches to your measurement. If you prefer a relaxed fit, add 4 inches to get the perfect fit. 

Although we have tried our best to include all measurements but if you still cannot find your ideal fit on our chart, please feel free to ask us to customize a garment for you. We are more than happy to make you happy! But please do note that in case of a customized garment, we will not be able to accept returns or exchanges.

All clothing products have size chart within. 


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