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"She was the dream of the dream."
Such is the interpretation of the colors and cuts that NOMAD present to you in their ready to wear clothes. From the sublime grace of a straight shirt to the subtle seduction of a backless choli, we have every occasion, emotion and feeling covered. The rural Indian way of dressing has always been effortless and so is our mission.

All our garments are hand finished with great attention to detail bearing in hearts our love for tribal India. Engaging women communities and empowering them with job opportunities is just what has given us the courage to move ahead in our journey to unfashion the Urban from fast fashion bugs. The choice of our fabrics is not only season friendly but also eco-friendly. A large part of designing is based on sustainability. From the unique button detail on our blouses to the handrolled fabric flowers on the edge of doris, all this is part of our effort to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet. Also keeping our handmade garments reversible is a fun way to saying less is more.  We refrain from anything artificial and hence is our creativity.

The sizing and fits flatter women of all ages and body types. When you buy our tops and blouses online, you are also contributing towards the welfare of Indian women community at large. Buy these beautiful handmade tops and blouse online and get happiness free.

We now proudly deliver slow-made fashion worldwide.


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