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Naani'ki Jewelry
Floral Jewelry

Talking of joy, there’s nothing more blissful than dressing oneself with handmade accessories. Baubles that speak the language of your heart with colours, quirk and details sparking instant happiness. 

From shoelaces with charms of magical lands, eyewear chains that are as unique as you, bags to bring out the bohemian soul, these adornments are made purely to make hearts leap with wonder. 
From floral buttons in fruity hues to keep it very berry nomadic and diaries inspired by the handmade illustrations of our dreamer and doer founder, this section is full of things to keep adding to your collection.
While the ‘Cha Cha Cha’ shoe laces to add a zing to every step you take, the ‘Chashni’ up-cycled tote keeps it all sorted. While we are on it, don’t forget to take a look at the super feminine ‘Zohr’ & ‘Setareh’ potlis that are made of tissue flowers and magic. 

Silver eyewear chains are all the sophistication for the heart that lives to dress up. Dainty and classic, we love packing these as gifts with heartfelt notes (which is very often!). As you scroll through the list of happy accessories, we are sure you’ll be amused by the soft bright face masks dotted with hearts or polkas to keep it light. 
All the textile accessories are made by our skilled artisans by recycling fabric waste and hence make the heart as well as the soul very happy in making a meaningful purchase. 

The Naani’ki silver accessories made slowly in rural workshops. These bring the element of vintage chic for the old school soul. Nostalgic at the core, these brooches, eyewear chains (one of a kind again we’ll say!), hair pins and more make for great gifts for self and loved ones. 

Accessorising was never this much fun. These storytelling handmade pieces are a love language of the conscious maker and taker. A translation of creativity and finest of craftsmanship, these accessories will be that perfect addition to your glorious collection!