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Naani'ki Silver Jewelry

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Naani'ki Silver Jewelry
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From the dusty & crowded bylanes of rural Uttar Pradesh come Naani'ki tales.

Each story relives a bygone era & nudges you back to the days you’ve left far behind. The paraphernalia that formed an inseparable part of our existence now becomes the token that is inserted in the time machine & the memories come flooding out. 

The blooming lotus rests as a crown on top of the peacock motif that reminds you of regal grandeur. The “Pattis” hanging at the bottom of the trapeze represent the freshness & joy after a rainy spell. The circle bears in it the ferns surrounding the sacred star. The leaves are strung together to adorn your delicate neck. Colorful stones are set on shimmery buntings below which dance the dainty leaves.The golden crescent rests at the bottom half of the wire frame. The color stones represent four directions & leaves are a symbol of prosperity wished upon all four. The buntings at the border are a mark of celebration. Leaves are summoned to add charm.

From the gold hoops decorated with intricate lattice-work to delicate “pattis” dancing in the breeze, Naani'ki is crafted lovingly for women in India with a great eye to detail, thus bringing back the lost traditions integral to jewelry-making in the pre-partition India. The deep yellow gold is our trademark.

 "Chhilka” is the art of manually scraping the thin metal sheet to make the light bounce back & glow. “Jawaabi” is the craft of painstakingly tracing the design at the back of the piece to give it a uniform appearance. 

These nearly lost techniques find their way back into the Naani’ki jewels. When you buy Naani'ki handmade gold tone silver jewelry, you don’t just wear a piece, you wear a slice of an era. So buy these gorgeous vintage handmade silver jewellery for women online on NOMAD and revive the lost tradition.


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