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Makutu Textile Jewelry

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Makutu Textile Jewelry
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MAKUTU in Maori means ‘Magic’ & sure enough, the NOMAD fabric jewelry collection is nothing short of magic. Gorgeous & super light, MAKUTU is also extremely eco-friendly. Created with the remains of the NOMAD garments, these jewels are as bohemian as NOMAD itself & reflect the spirit of the brand! Apart from the fabrics, other recycled elements such as beads & feathers have also been incorporated, in keeping with our belief in sustainable fashion. Each time we wear precious jewelry we take something from the belly of Mother Earth, never to give it back but thanks to the recycled material, MAKUTU ensures we extract the most from what we have taken & deposit it back when the time comes. The sometimes extravagant, sometimes minimalistic designs are a valid outcome of our ever-flowing creative energy, painstakingly brought to reality by team NOMAD. The deft handiwork by our expert artisans reveals the magic of threads that will cast a spell on you. Be it vibrancy of Kari or the muted appeal of Ipu, MAKUTU beckons you with a palette that is guaranteed to find a place in your heart, no matter which end of the color spectrum you connect with! Let the MAKUTU add the spirit to your soul.

MAKUTU fabric jewelry is for those with a bohemian spirit & an eco-sensitive conscience. Shop online for this splendid collection of gypsy fabric jewelry for women. Feel like an Earth Princess in the recycled fabric jewelry with quirky add-ons & patterns. Be it the “Awa” brooch or the “Parirau” anklet, the MAKUTU collection is a celebration of the madcap wanderer who is not afraid to explore her world, on her terms. NOMAD brings to you the up-cycled fabric jewels for women, in a wide range of colors & designs, laboriously put together by our craftsperson. Sunny & vibrant, the unique articles of boho jewelry for women are statement pieces in the truest sense of the word. Each time you wear a NOMAD MAKUTU creation, you are expressing to the world your innermost beliefs & convictions. And trust the world to lap them all up! After all, who can resist such enchantingly zany expression of one’s spirit? NOMAD Makutu is your call of the wild. Answer it loudly & boldly! Spread the magic of MAKUTU in every direction your spirit takes you, without quite looking back! Let the jingle of the ghungroo keep step with the twirl of your ghaghra. Dance for joy! Create. Celebrate! 


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