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Floral Jewelry

 Makutu in ‘Māori’ means magic and sure enough, this collection is a sorcery of flowers in all colours making up Nomad’s up cycled fabric jewels line. Handcrafted with fabric remains of our apparel range, these trinkets are playful, fresh and as bohemian as the very spirit of Nomad with which we create. 
MAKUTU ensures we make the most of what we have and make more with what remains. It is spontaneous in design and sustainable in nature, made to implement our zero waste policy. 
100% handmade by skilled fingers and creative minds, each petal is hand-rolled slowly to bring out its best. Beads and thread work is added to take these flowers as close to nature as possible so that you wear blooms that are not plucked and last for years. 
 Charms and quirks in the form of ghunghroos, beads, hand-rolled balls, butterflies, caterpillars, buds and more add to the free spirited nature of these floral textile jewels. 
 Apt for a day to feel fresh as a bud or elaborate dressing up of your hair and soul on your special days such as mehndi, haldi or sangeet, these floral arrangements are such that one can’t be anything but happy wearing or seeing these floral jewellery for mehndi, haldi or Sangeet!  
 Roses, Mogras, Parijat, Sunflowers, Chamelis, Lantanas and infinite number of wildflowers from our interactions with nature are brought to life in our studio for the flower-seeker in you!  
 This vibrant collection is your call of the wild. Answer it loudly & boldly! Spread the magic of MAKUTU in every direction your spirit takes you, without holding back! 


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