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Slow and soulful art of adorning one’s hair has been an ancient ritual that carries on beautifully through the ages. Revering our creative skills, we put our hearts into the making of hair accessories that last. A conscious way of wearing flowers in your hair, our textile products for hair are made by local women artisans in many variants. Scrolling through these nature inspired floral arrangement is a joy in itself, pure ASMR.

Handcrafted with love, recycled flowers are slowly stitched on silken doris and metal attachments to make hair accessories. A few winsome ways to use these slow-made blooms are to dress buns with flowers, braids with parandis, short hairdos with claw clips or tucking a bloom or two on the go with hair clips. Be it a bob cut, layers of hairs, straight, wavy, short or long, these are flowers for all hair, all ages.

Our glorious crowns are much cherished and loved and accessories for these is a thoughtful gifting idea. Elaborate parandis, gajras, a single big rose by the ear, comb clips with mogra buds and blooms, and more floral arrangements for your loved one’s tresses will be an endearing present. Rubber bands with many flowers dancing on them are a Nomad creation that brings instant joy and are perfect for that last moment gift! These small wonders make for inventive wedding favours or a bachlerotte hampers. Take it as a gift or pamper yourself, these will be the go-to when you want to perk up any look or a quick affair with hair on days that need quick dressing up! These blooming floral arrangements are perfect for mehndi and baby showers, for nothing says more festive than flowers! Hai na?

The silver accessories for hair are an ode to the royal treatment of hair from centuries ago. A sacred way of dressing up, using precious metals for hair reflects the importance of this ritual. To preserve old tradition these lightweight silver pins, bridal chotis, juda pins and our innovative hair bands, make for a plethora of great choices for you to take or gift someone.

Hair accessories are the power tools to make your hair look instantly pretty with hardly any effort. So be it flowers or intricate ornaments, here are handmade trinkets available for you to shop online that will keep your hair happy for a long long time.  
So dear Nomads, dress up and let your hair do all the talking!