Nomad's Speak

Totally bowled over by their jewellery, awesome old school authentic nani ki jewellery wale designs. Was super excited to buy my necklace and earrings and such prompt delivery. Kudos to Nomad for bringing back these designs.


Gurgaon, India
08 Nov, 2023
Jyoti Raghavan
Love Nomad for its aesthetics. The saree is so gorgeous. Makes me feel beautiful.


Environmentalist, India
16 Sep, 2023
Loved the old style jewellery. Wore it for my wedding!!


Atlanta, United States
19 Aug, 2023
Deepika Tiwari Mishra
Wore it for my wedding. Everyone asked about my jewellery. I am a happy customer of yours!!


Washington DC, United States
31 Jul, 2023
Deepti Reddy
Very good quality handloom fabric, soothing color and beautiful drapes.


Vijayawada, India
31 Jul, 2023
It is always exciting to receive my packages! Nani ki jewellery is so beautifully crafted. Glad to see the preservation of breathtaking vintage Indian aesthetics


Abbotsford, Canada
15 Nov, 2023
I am ecstatic after receiving the beautiful pair of earings and extraordinary ring. This is my first buy from Nomad. I'm looking forward to getting more... I am always drawn to their designs.


Bangalore, India
04 Nov, 2023
Sunita Bharat
I have so many sarees from Nomad, Love each one of them.. Your ardent fan :) Sunita


25 Sep, 2023
Excellent quality


Karad, India
05 Sep, 2023
I loved the earing reminds me off my late mother she had something similar


Normanton, United Kingdom
21 Aug, 2023
Ritika gupta
I am very happy to recieve it..this is my first purchase with nomad .. luking forward for more .. I am always attracted towards handcrafted things .. thanku Halima ji


Ludhiana, India
20 Aug, 2023
Intricate beautiful designs


Tirukalikundram, India
11 Aug, 2023
I ordered the flower gajra n its beautiful looks original . The craftsmanship is neat perfect


Dehradun, India
11 Aug, 2023
Vandana Dayanand
At first I was unsure of the brightness of your gold tone jewellery, but then it settled a bit with time. And now I love the earrings I bought.


New Delhi, India
24 Jul, 2023
Riya Rathod
Chanderi silk doesn't belong to sarees anymore! Super glad to have this fabric Gajra in my collection. Also thanks to Halima Ji for crafting this beauty! Namaskaram 🙏


Ahmedabad, India
24 Jul, 2023
Poonam Rao
I loved the surprise gift I received feom my Daughter inlaw on my 64th Birthday on 18th July. Wore it and flaunted it and loved it. 😍


Gurgaon, India
22 Jul, 2023
Indrani Mallik Thakur
Loved the jewellery


Ghaziabad, India
01 Jul, 2023
Just received my order of flower jewellery. Must say, the packaging is exquisite and the jewellery pieces are so finely made. My daughter will be wearing the whole set on her haldi function. I will share pictures of the d-day soon. May god bless the team of Nomad for doing a wonderful job!!


Home maker, jalandhar, India
30 Jun, 2023
I came across Nomad on tik tok when someone reviewed it. Just received the items and I absolutely love each and every piece! Will definitely be getting more pieces on the future 🌟


Harrow, United Kingdom
23 Jun, 2023
Anvi potdar
Such a cute and Old school look,Loved the way how superior the finishing is done,very minimal and absolutely beautiful❤️❤️


Bhusawal, India
15 Jun, 2023
Savita Mali
Super happy for the wonderful product I got. Thank u Nomad jewelry for the genuine effort n fine craftmanship.


Jaipur, India
10 Feb, 2023
Super happy for the wonderful product I got. Thank u Nomad jewelry for the genuine effort n fine craftmanship.


Jaipur, India
10 Feb, 2023
Bought 12 same rings from Naaniki. So beautiful 😍 thank you so much 💗My friends love them.


Bangkok, Thailand
27 Jan, 2023
Gudden Gupta
This is my purchase from Nomad, although I had been eyeing your Naani’ki jewellery for the longest time. My wait was finally over when my order got delivered to me in a beautiful sandook (just like the old times) in 2 days. I love the pieces and this is just the beginning of my trousseau shopping. I’ll be coming back for more. Thank you for reviving the vintage jewels and bringing it alive in most authentic conversations and moments . Good luck to the team


Kashipur, India
24 Jan, 2023
Both the dress and textile flower I recieved are jus wow...beautiful detailing that looks quite classy and their concepts...very unique


Agriculture Officer, Mahalingpur, India
10 May, 2022
Anusua Bose
My first order was the Sheoli hairpin and the Nadima brooch and I was so mesmerized by the designs and the quality that I have been buying ever since. I wore these on my wedding as well!


Lawyer, Bangalore | Kolkata, India
10 Mar, 2022
God’s speaks through artist - they say. Keep up the good work. #Onwards and upwards. Grace is in simplicity :)


No title needed aka N/A, Suriname
03 Mar, 2022
Hina Sharma
I believe ethnic fashion brings out best of Indian women.I bought pink sorbet Chanderi tissue saree and to compliment it ,I got myself indali choker from nani ki jewellery and Gulabi textile accessory for hairs.I wore it on birthday party of my son and guest were full of praise for get up.


I am Derivative Analyst by profession working primarily in equities. and a mother to Agastya,my 1 year old son.This is the role I cherish the most., Noida, India
22 Feb, 2022
Shaily Tyagi
Such unique and tasteful things. The Jewellery and fabric flowers all reminded me of my mum"s jewellery ( From Naani) and the flowers she made for my dresses as a child. What Nostalgia! i Love tihs stuff!


London, United Kingdom
11 Jul, 2021
The moment I saw Nomad , I was just flattered by their designs and the floral Cheenth collection.. Have bought a couple of things and still more to come .. I’m really happy with all their products .. Keeo it up team Nomad .. Loads of live ..


Business, Pune, India
06 May, 2021
Hi Nomad Team it is a excellent !! of made by handwork Accessories and dresses, really it is very amazing.


Delhi, Colombia
02 Apr, 2021
Saryu Pathania
Thank you team for the beautiful earrings. Beautiful and elegant design that can go well with indian as well as western clothes. Just what I wanted.


Nurpur, India
03 Feb, 2021
If want to go earthy and sustainable fashion then go for Nomad!!


District court, Chandausi, India
19 Nov, 2020
Exquisite craftsmanship Loved the Naseera earrings Will buy more ♥️♥️


Kolkata, India
31 Oct, 2020
Naani’ki is a special experience. Thanks for bringing it back in vogue. Loved the earring and the packaging was a delight. Simple and so old world


Mumbai, India
31 Oct, 2020
Loved each and every piece I shopped from Nomad. Lovely colors and details ♥️ Good luck to the entire team


Chef, New York, United States
31 Oct, 2020
In love with such elegant jewellery pieces received from nomad.. traditional.. classy.. minimalistic.. the finishing & quality is amazing.. the textile hair pieces are amazing too.. can’t wait to get my hands on more pieces.. thanks ❤️


Noida, India
30 Oct, 2020
The nani ki jewellery silver jewellery collection is truly unique - Absolutely stunning pieces of fine workmanship. The old charm is the unique feature of these pieces. Truly loved it. Amazing packaging which reminded of gold old days. Please make many more such products and it is a request to make many more such beautiful hair clips and silver earrings. I have gifted some pieces to my friends and they have fallen in love with those pieces. All my best wishes to your artist team. Hope you make many such beautiful products and deliver love to everyone. Best of luck for your future...


Govt employee, kolkata, India
21 Oct, 2020
malabika mandal ray
The meticulous detailing and the authenticity of the products really attracts me to this site. I ordered 3 rakhis and was sceptical if they will be on time as only a week is left for the festival and i reside in a Tier 2 city but the products reached me within 3 days, I was overwhelmed as well as surprised. I really appreciate the fast service as well the wonderful products.


Economic Analyst, Raigarh, India
27 Jul, 2020
Shireen Anwar
Got the Nagma set delivered in a day on my very brithday! Thankyou Harshita and the entire diariesofnomad team. Beautifully packed and meticulously detailed vintage style jewellery. So glad to have a piece of art from here ❤️


Okhla, Delhi, India
21 May, 2020
I have ordered quite a few things including rakhis from nomad and i am so very happy with products,they are unique and oredering process ,payment and everything is very easy.


Dietician, Anand, India
16 Apr, 2020
Beautiful flowers for hair


Delhi, India
17 Jan, 2020
Thank you Nomad for the lovely gold plated silver jewellery!! I loved it and so did a lot of guests at my dewar’s wedding in Assam :)


Senior Designer, Bangalore, India
30 Dec, 2019
Thank you for such a beautiful saree It is truly soft as Cloud ☁️


02 Nov, 2019
Loved the Nomad Bali that I picked up, subtle and very elegant! The work has so much detailing and intricacy, I’m blown away with the craftsmanship.


Senior manager, Bengaluru, India
01 Oct, 2019
Lovely set in silver.I just adore it....Love and Hugs to your team


Founder Tied Ribbons, Noida, India
25 Jun, 2019
Love flaunting my earrings from Naniki Jewellery.....i always wanted something from my nani ka pitara....but now I have no regrets...thank u nomad


Siliguri, India
19 May, 2019
Love flaunting my earrings from Naniki Jewellery.....i always wanted something from my nani ka pitara....but now I have no regrets...thank u nomad


Siliguri, India
19 May, 2019
Love flaunting my earrings from Naniki Jewellery.....i always wanted something from my nani ka pitara....but now I have no regrets...thank u nomad


Siliguri, India
19 May, 2019
Love flaunting my earrings from Naniki Jewellery.....i always wanted something from my nani ka pitara....but now I have no regrets...thank u nomad


Siliguri, India
19 May, 2019
Love flaunting my earrings from Naniki Jewellery.....i always wanted something from my nani ka pitara....but now I have no regrets...thank u nomad


Siliguri, India
19 May, 2019
Love flaunting my earrings from Naniki Jewellery.....i always wanted something from my nani ka pitara....but now I have no regrets...thank u nomad


Siliguri, India
19 May, 2019
I was very impressed with the attention to detail that they pay to each saree that makes you feel special. Very well made and good design at a nice price range. This is my second saree purchase and I can't wait to get it.


Comic book Artist, Bangalore Urban, India
27 Apr, 2019
Big fan of NOMAD. Proud owner of two of your Chanderi Tissue sarees. In love with both .


Mumbai, India
24 Apr, 2019
Sayantani Banerji
Purva Drape is beautiful.


New Delhi, India
01 Apr, 2019
Nishita Nathani
Nomad Rose is beautiful.


01 Apr, 2019
Sayantani Banerji
Almost Happy Drapes reached me. Handcrafted pieces of love. It looks lovely and thanks to all the women who made it with so much love.


New Delhi, India
01 Apr, 2019
I ordered a skirt (a birthday gift from my mother) and had it customised longer, I am so happy with the garment it’s so well made, equisite in every way and Nomad’s whatsapp support was really helpful too, thanks so much I can’t wait to get another skirt ❤️


Mumbai, India
10 Oct, 2018
#Joy #happiness #freedom #colorful #beautiful #loved #detail #bohemian #gypsy #harshita #smile #art #stories #naniki You just can't get enough of it. Every time I am at Nomad, I want to have more :) It brings me sheer joy!


New Delhi, India
10 Oct, 2018
Tanya Rishi Bajpai
A big fan of your detail and color selection. Always Nomad on my happy days


New Delhi, India
10 Oct, 2018
Dipika Sarin
Loved matching my look with my son. Great fit and finish and of course the attention to detail.


New Delhi, India
10 Oct, 2018
I ordered Naaniki jewellery. Very very happy with the product except that it took 5 days more than the scheduled date of delivery. Thanks for bringing back the OLD!


Patna, India
10 Oct, 2018
Thankyou so much for the jewelry. I loved to carry the beautiful necklace earrings and mangtikka. It’s worth purchasing


20 Jul, 2018
Your creations are like magic. It's so surreal and inspiring. The colours are therapeutic. Keep creating more magic. It's rare to see so much honesty in designs. Lots of love to each and everyone who's a part of it.


Dehradun, India
20 Jul, 2018
So so beautiful


New Delhi, India
20 Jul, 2018
The most un-response and irresponsible customer service team I have come across!


Bengaluru, India
07 Apr, 2018
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Живу в Мексике, Живу в Мексике, Sri Lanka
02 Mar, 2018
"I love this site and the collections...Till date I have not purchased any beautiful collection but it is my dream to purchase the best kurta set (Samia Grey Chanderi Kurta Pajama Set) that I have selected for me"


Customer Support & Escalation, Kolkata, India
03 Jan, 2018
Loved every bit of the Nomad !!


Moradabad, India
19 Jul, 2017
My profession requires me to travel a lot & carrying too many clothes is a hassle. At the same time, there is no compromise on looking good. Nomad comes in handy. One ghaghra can be worn with so many supporting garments & yet look different each time.


Theater artiste, Mumbai, India
01 Apr, 2017
I discovered Nomad on a trip to Delhi. At first I was unsure of carrying off such bright color. My friend who is a die-hard fan, insisted that I try on her ghaghra. When I wore it, I felt like a gypsy princess! I teamed it with a tee & we painted the town red. I was amazed at how easy it was to move around in the seemingly voluminous skirt. Now am a fan too.


Dancer, Odissa, India
01 Apr, 2017
My husband gifted me a Nomad skirt 2 years ago. I always thought that bright colors & flower prints were for village women & not stylish enough for city women but I was blown away by how fashionable Nomad had made it all look! Its only Nomad skirts for me now. Love you Nomad.


Air Hostess, New Delhi, India
01 Apr, 2017
I have been living in the US for 10 years & always yearn for things that remind me of India. Nomad is a blessing in that sense. The bright colors & handloom fabrics are a constant reminder of our beautiful country. I look at Nomad not just as a piece of cloth but as a part of our culture.


Homemaker, Los Angeles, United States
01 Apr, 2017
I have now been wearing nomad for three years and have seen the range expand but the ghaghra remains my favorite. I love the freedom it gives me apart from the fact that I can pair it with anything. T-shirt, shirt, kurta or even a saree.


Student, New Delhi, India
01 Apr, 2017
When I came across Nomad at an exhibition, I instantly fell in love with the clothes but wasn�t sure if they would suit my body type? After all, I wasn�t exactly thin & tall like the models in pix wearing them. I still couldn�t resist buying a piece & I must say, it not only fit well but earns me attention & compliments whenever I step out wearing it. Nomad is now a staple in my wardrobe.


Marketing Executive, Hyderabad, India
01 Apr, 2017
I just received my skirt in France today ,i bought Radha and i m in love with her fall and flare . I am really very happy with the product and service.Thanks Nomad keep it up... :) <3


freelance Designer, France
11 Jul, 2016
Aashima Jindal
I love my NOMAD, because it gives me my moves to dance People can't dance without alcohol but I can't dance without my ghagra.


Interior designer, Delhi, India
25 Jun, 2016
The fits are simply awesome.. i am slightly big boned but Nomad falls like a dream on my body"... keep up the good work.. ;)


chennai, India
20 Jun, 2016
When I first came across NOMAD, the first thing I was bowled over by, were the super-bright colors that uplifted the entire surroundings by their sheer beauty! The reds, the lime greens, the blues… It seemed as if the whole rainbow palette had come alive in the twirl of the voluminous skirt. It changed my perspective on how I viewed the Indian rural fashion till then.


Freelance writer, New Delhi, India
20 Jun, 2016