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"#Joy #happiness #freedom #colorful #beautiful #loved #detail #bohemian #gypsy #harshita #smile #art #stories #naniki You just can't get enough of it. Every time I am at Nomad, I want to have more :) It brings me sheer joy! "

Niti Chopra Makkar
New Delhi, India
Tanya Rishi Bajpai

"A big fan of your detail and color selection. Always Nomad on my happy days "

Tanya Rishi Bajpai
New Delhi, India
Dipika Sarin

"Loved matching my look with my son. Great fit and finish and of course the attention to detail. "

Dipika Sarin
New Delhi, India

"I ordered Naaniki jewellery. Very very happy with the product except that it took 5 days more than the scheduled date of delivery. Thanks for bringing back the OLD! "

Samruddha dayal
Patna, India
Sayantani Banerji

"Purva Drape is beautiful. "

Sayantani Banerji
New Delhi, India
Nishita Nathani

"Nomad Rose is beautiful. "

Nishita Nathani
Sayantani Banerji

"Almost Happy Drapes reached me. Handcrafted pieces of love. It looks lovely and thanks to all the women who made it with so much love. "

Sayantani Banerji
New Delhi, India

"I ordered a skirt (a birthday gift from my mother) and had it customised longer, I am so happy with the garment it’s so well made, equisite in every way and Nomad’s whatsapp support was really helpful too, thanks so much I can’t wait to get another skirt ❤️ "

Marnie Dean
Mumbai, India

"Thankyou so much for the jewelry. I loved to carry the beautiful necklace earrings and mangtikka. It’s worth purchasing "

Pavneet Lally

" Your creations are like magic. It's so surreal and inspiring. The colours are therapeutic. Keep creating more magic. It's rare to see so much honesty in designs. Lots of love to each and everyone who's a part of it. "

Purnima Ramnath
Dehradun, India

"So so beautiful "

New Delhi, India

"My profession requires me to travel a lot & carrying too many clothes is a hassle. At the same time, there is no compromise on looking good. Nomad comes in handy. One ghaghra can be worn with so many supporting garments & yet look different each time. "

Aastha Suri
Theater artiste, Mumbai, India

"I discovered Nomad on a trip to Delhi. At first I was unsure of carrying off such bright color. My friend who is a die-hard fan, insisted that I try on her ghaghra. When I wore it, I felt like a gypsy princess! I teamed it with a tee & we painted the town red. I was amazed at how easy it was to move around in the seemingly voluminous skirt. Now am a fan too. "

Megha Rao
Dancer, Odissa, India

"My husband gifted me a Nomad skirt 2 years ago. I always thought that bright colors & flower prints were for village women & not stylish enough for city women but I was blown away by how fashionable Nomad had made it all look! Its only Nomad skirts for me now. Love you Nomad. "

Tanya Sood
Air Hostess, New Delhi, India

"I have been living in the US for 10 years & always yearn for things that remind me of India. Nomad is a blessing in that sense. The bright colors & handloom fabrics are a constant reminder of our beautiful country. I look at Nomad not just as a piece of cloth but as a part of our culture. "

Bijaya Mohanty
Homemaker, Los Angeles, United States

"I have now been wearing nomad for three years and have seen the range expand but the ghaghra remains my favorite. I love the freedom it gives me apart from the fact that I can pair it with anything. T-shirt, shirt, kurta or even a saree. "

Ayushi Mittal
Student, New Delhi, India

"When I came across Nomad at an exhibition, I instantly fell in love with the clothes but wasn�t sure if they would suit my body type? After all, I wasn�t exactly thin & tall like the models in pix wearing them. I still couldn�t resist buying a piece & I must say, it not only fit well but earns me attention & compliments whenever I step out wearing it. Nomad is now a staple in my wardrobe. "

Sandhya Verma
Marketing Executive, Hyderabad, India

"I just received my skirt in France today ,i bought Radha and i m in love with her fall and flare . I am really very happy with the product and service.Thanks Nomad keep it up... :) <3 "

freelance Designer, France
Aashima Jindal

"I love my NOMAD, because it gives me my moves to dance People can't dance without alcohol but I can't dance without my ghagra. "

Aashima Jindal
Interior designer, Delhi, India

"The fits are simply awesome.. i am slightly big boned but Nomad falls like a dream on my body"... keep up the good work.. ;) "

madhusmita iyer
chennai, India

"When I first came across NOMAD, the first thing I was bowled over by, were the super-bright colors that uplifted the entire surroundings by their sheer beauty! The reds, the lime greens, the blues… It seemed as if the whole rainbow palette had come alive in the twirl of the voluminous skirt. It changed my perspective on how I viewed the Indian rural fashion till then. "

Jyoti Raghavan Khanduja
Freelance writer, New Delhi, India

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