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Naani'ki Jewelry

Bags are the true best friend of a woman, ask her and you’ll know! Home to that favourite lip balm or a long lost scrunchies, the must have wallet or the dear sunglasses, bags are the pandora boxes that reveal not just its contents but it’s owner’s soul as well! 

We took this storytelling element of their existence and made bags as quirky as we are! With our zero waste approach, we made up-cycled totes with fabric remains that are a statement of their own. Bright colours and tiny eccentric details make these a sight of delight. With sturdy stitches and boho twist, these 'bastas' are roomy and functional. Pockets wide enough to secure your possession, these make for a perfect gifts to self or your loved ones. Drawstrings with flora only add to their character while you store magic along with your phones and necessities in these spacious bags. 

The ‘Cheeni’ sling in a muted ash with fishnet embroidery all over is minimal show and maximal detail. With handmade ghunghroo filled flowers at the border and a hand rolled button as it’s closing fixture, it is that perfect bag for luncheons. The ‘Baagad’ bag is pure bohemia with its appliqué fabric and button embellishments! The ‘Zohr’ and ‘Setareh’ potlis are full blown flower affairs with dainty tissue flowers specked with zari. Sling these or fling it on your wrists as you make your way through the festivities or spring soirées.

The Nomad bag is all about flaunting your boho aesthetics and keeping your stories tucked well in them. For these are spacious, airy and pair up well with any kind of dressing sense. So make haste, bag these perfect bags for your self or for that special someone!