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Nomad Reward Points

Nomad Reward Points

Nomad Gullak is a reward point loyalty programme wherein you register with us a customer and you will earn loyalty points ( we prefer calling them "hearts") on each purchase you make, which can be redeemed on your next purchase with us.

Here is how it works,

1. Register your account with us

Provide us with your personal details like email id, contact information so that we keep you updated on our latest launches and manage your Gullak account without any hassles.

2. Auto-Credit of Reward Points

As soon as your cart is ready, you will be able to view the hearts/reward points earned for the purchase.

(For example you will earn 200 hearts/reward points on spending INR 1000).
Every heart equals to 10 paise.

Earned hearts are auto credited to your Gullak after successful delivery of the order.

3. Redeem your Reward Points

Whenever you place your next order with us, you can redeem your already earned hearts/ reward points (through your previous purchases), before you checkout from the cart. The validity of each heart/ reward point is 1 year from the date it was earned (order confirmation date).

This is an ONLINE only program. Orders processed on Email, Watsapp and at our Delhi studio will not be part of the loyalty program.

Reward Point Accumulation Start Date: 4.12.2018

Customers registered with us from 2017 till January 9, 2019, are part of the welcome bonus 3000 hearts (equivalent to 300 inr) . Welcome hearts are valid only till Feburary 10,2019.

Hearts for Gullak

We want to know "How well we did?
Nomad invites you to review your most honest shopping experience through us.
On every review, we add 2000 hearts (reward points) to your Gullak.
These hearts can be redeemed on your next purchase with us.

Points against reviews are valid for 1 month only.

For registered customers only

2000 hearts = 200 INR
Sharing your experience will help us grow


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