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Home Furnishings

Home is a feeling.

A space where love and comfort grow together.

Almost happy home brings together slow-stitched drapes in hand woven fabrics that add joy to the four walls of your sanctuaries.

Mindful of the eco-footprint these bespoke sustainable curtains are made with breathable fabrics of the loom. Textured cotton moss adds depth, linens keep it cool, canvas makes for cosy blinds and sheets in Chanderi leaves room for light play of Sun and shade. 

From blinds to sheers, from solids to ombré, from vibrant to neutrals, our range of curtains like bohemian curtains, chanderi curtains, floral sheer curtains online sets the mood right for all types of happy homes. While the light blocking window shades add warmth to a space, layered sheers add drama giving a super femme touch.

A perfect match for your vintage furniture or those teak pelmets, these luxurious slow made drapes being a sense of extra space with its well curated colour palette.

Curation ties that will keep your drapes together while being mischievously conversation initiators! 

Nature inspired flora embroidered or appliquéd floral curtains, maintains our zero waste policy while supporting local artisan community. Motifs such as birds, lotuses, leaves and flowers replicated from our immediate environment provide a sense of belonging by inviting nature indoors.