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Eye wear chains are the luxury accessory approved by high-end fashion gurus. For time infinite these were used only for their utility of keeping one’s spectacles handy. Evolving from functional to glamorous accessories, these are now officially jewellery for your eyes (by association with your sunnies and specs of course!). The once labelled as granny-ish accessories, have become a hot trend. How so? Well Gigi Hadid sported these sometime back and the world went gaga! Us? We only felt smug and sipped on our iced coffees for Nomad’s love for making these dates to way longer. 

While shades get fancier, the boring specs find a new lease of life with our eyewear chains. The handcrafted silver detachable ones are a fine display of craft while adding to your perfectionist look. As elegant collectibles, these make for great gifts for the loved one who flaunt their sunnies often or the one who can’t escape their specs. 

Dainty with beads and a hand-rolled flower or two, the textile ones from our collection make heads turn. In soft hues, these add detail and a burst of freshness to your attire. These are as cheery as they come and instantly perk up one’s look. 

Spice things up for your favourite aviators by using a dainty silver chain or add some flower love to your vintage sunglasses. An accessory for everyone, Eye-wear chains are simply the best way to dress up one’s eyes. Feeling this sentiment, here is an extensive range of these in designs old and new. Vintage chic, these are here to glam up your eyes and make sure you love your glasses all the more!

So scroll away to your heart and bag the one you love the most.
P.S. those who love to pick unique gifts for their loved one, this surely checks off all boxes for being a stylish yet an innovative present!