On or Off?

Posted on May 4th, 2018 06:10 PM
On or Off?

Cleaning a switch board smeared with gunk from a zillion fingers. I scrubbed and scrubbed like a zombie as if I was curing a part of my soul. Time stopped and a certain relief came with creamy surface outshining from below.

It was AHA!
The music from my scrubbie was interrupted with a familiar monotonous sound. The rhythm taken aback by a phone call from a customer asking for size chart.

“ You may click on the icon saying size chart, Hmm..
 We are happy to customise the fit for you..
 Blah blah and blah”…
 I answered well and why not?, it now runs in my blood.

I regained consciousness only to lose it again into detoxifying the space I now #live in. .

This brought to me a revelation. I recently developed a mild case of ADD for cleaning. Its therapeutic and a lot of you especially the ying would nod a YES to that.
God has been kind to give women a way out of their chaos. I feel they are the biggest mess makers and therefore their high is the highest when they clean up after a storm. In fact in severe cases, a hail is not needed, a slight whiff of air is enough to get their horns activated. These are the ones who invest in the best cleaning warfare. Their spaces smell of mogra but whats sometimes missing is a feeling of a home-well-lived-in. But thats just my opinion.
 The move to a smaller town filled with people a little less ambitious and a little too relaxed for commerce had me landing in a lazy vibe.
To be honest I am a workaholic by nature, Over indulgence is my type.
25 days in this mode and my body is itching to do. My mother once told that I wanted to be maid as a 5 year old and here I am happily in my “maid-ness” or rather mad-ness!

P.S. How to clean a switch board?
Dip a piece of muslin in soapy water. Squeeze till the extra water runs off. Now wrap it over an old toothbrush.
Put on some light music, shut off that brain and gently brush the gunk off. 
Warning: Wear rubber slippers (no plastic please) to prevent the case of electric shock.