Sisters are a marvel: Buna X Nomad

Posted on August 17th, 2022 12:57 PM
Sisters are a marvel: Buna X Nomad

"Sisters are a marvel, aren’t they? My heart swells with emotions and pride when I say we are two peas in a pod; that the roots of Buna and Nomad are one as we, the founders are actually sisters!

Often in the middle of a conversation I sneak in this information and always love what follows. The surprises and then the exclamations as to how our brands are so contrasting… Buna is a fresh summer breeze with a calming vibe and Nomad the bohemian journey of a free soul.

I take joy in the story of Buna and how Pallavi is the one who I look upto as my guiding light. I think growing up in Saharanpur, our interaction with nature has enhanced our imaginations for the same.

Looking back, I can trace the serene aesthetics of Buna in her love for the countryside. While me and my brother would frolic at village fairs and roadside vendors while in Teetro, our maternal grandmother’s village; she would be the first one to go to the family farms and any peaceful ventures."

Harshita Vs Pallavi

Q. What do you like about each other’s brands?

Harshita :"Buna is a fluttery feeling. The kind you get when you daydream of a summer in the hills! It takes you close to nature and has a calming effect. I love Buna for their immaculate process of garment making ,from textile development to block making to the miniature embroideries. The more I watch them, the more I fall in love with them. Buna is an inspiration for me.

Pallavi: "Iove the burst of colours, the flowers that will even make nature envy them. I absolutely adore the vintage charm of Indian culture, which Nomad lends to everything they do! And the old school jewels that touch on nostalgia instantly for they are a part of our shared childhood."

                                                            Harshita wears Almond Blossom Organza dress

                                                                  Harshita wears Floral Yellow Skirt with White Flowers

Q. What’s one thing you could totally learn from your sister?

Harshita: "One thing I can totally learn is how Pallavi creates the finest vision. She is a perfectionist. One who is a hard task master with an empathetic and soft heart. The beauty and neatness she creates is not just visible in the beautiful dresses she makes, it’s in her home and the Buna workshop. She has an inherent wisdom to make things work and I am just so stoked with that.

Pallavi: "I love how Harshita is always playful with her work, wearing her heart on her sleeves. She is a natural at what she does and has balanced motherhood and work with so much ease. I am a big fan of Makutu jewelry and everything she makes amazes me of her nimble creativity. She is strong, determined and a highly confident woman and yet a gentle and simple soul."


                                                                                  Pallavi wears Green Silk Saree with  Munari Choker & Ganga Earrings

                                                      Pallavi wears the Voyager Dress & Teva Tulsi Bead Earrings

Q. What is your favourite childhood memory?

Harshita: Dividing the Maggi strand by strand between the 3 of us & yes, trading Diwali crackers with pocket money. I think that's where we got our business genes from! I still smile when I remember sitting on the backseat of her Kinetic Honda and eating ice cream. Being the younger one is fun as the elder one takes care of your treats.

Pallavi: "Sleeping on the terrace, counting the stars and watching the constellations filled my childlike eyes with dreams. Visiting my maternal grandmother's village and experiencing everything in its raw form."

                                                                                                                      Pallavi wears Seedpearl Midi Dress

"Having an elder sister is like having a torchbearer forever in the journey of life. She is the one who has led us younger ones by example and seeing her do it made us believe in ourselves too. Together we have written our own stories through our creative outlets, our brands.

                                                                                                                  Pallavi wears Strawberry Field Dress


                                                                                  Harshita wears Silk Bronze Saree with Multicolour Striped Blouse & Naani'ki Earrings 

 We are lucky that our work has only brought us closer. For we understand the journey of entrepreneurship well and canoeing in the same waters we give a lending ear to each other. Always!

After all these years, it still strikes us as a wonder that born out of the same tree we are poles apart as people. And that is the charm of it, for we think that’s how Buna and Nomad came to be.

Expressions of two sisters with the same dream borne out of a shared childhood and yet a unique path to create."