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Naani'ki Jewelry

UTSAV, festive 2021 brings with itself the energy of old world charm, where jewellery making and buying held a place close to hearts and was wholly a family affair.
Slow and dreamy, the whole process of  jewellery making is intimate and indulging. It's a rhythmic chain of dreaming, deciding, choosing the design, trying out pieces, talking about it, getting opinions and so much more. 
Admit it, all of us are guilty of the sweet bane of gossip and Mithai!

Silver at its purest form is beaten to create filigree motifs that are a testament of fine craftsmanship. AARI work is carried out by skilled artisans over days to cut and make the setting of one single piece. Colourful semi precious stones are then set into the silver lattice, lighting up the surface with gold hand polish beaming out.
The timeless essence of these laboriously crafted jewels is visible in their impeccable make and celebratory nature, true to the collection name UTSAV.

These keepsakes come with anecdotes and memories and are cherished in the same way. Wrapped in soft silken cloth, it changes hands while it's charm only increases with time. A thing that lasts almost forever, the Utsav trinkets are stories we tell ourselves and keep for generations to come…..
Naani'ki Vintage Silver jewellery handcrafted in 92.5 Silver.