Decked up in laboriously crafted jewels and rich flowy silks, she is but a tale of the past told in the language of celebration. 

RANG UTSAV is a translation of this very vision, luxurious silks in palpable colour palette with a subtle bling of gold threads.

Ruby reds, flaming mustards, peaky parrot greens, flaming oranges and pinkest pinks dominate our collection. 

Silks dipped in colours borrowed from the indulgent festivities are worked upon by deft fingers. Skilled hands bring alive motifs of intricate Naani’ki jewels on hand woven mulberry silk. A mimicry at its best, surreal visions are recreated from the past archives with galore of memories.

For the artist in every woman who loves to dress up in finery. For ‘She’ who makes time pause with kohl rimmed eyes, gleaming in her carefully picked trinkets of the bygone era.

Bedazzling in RANG UTSAV, she who loves to celebrate becomes a walking dream, poetry in motion.