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A sister's love....a brother's promise...lots of sweets....colorful rakhis...and houses full of laughter, it is the Rakhi season! 
Siblings since ages have been the go-to-person for each small and big thing. 
From sharing toys to office stories, they are our first friends, first teachers and the first advice we seek when in conflict. We all have that brother who is younger and yet keeps everyone at an arm's length when in public. The sister who is always busy but the first one to call when you are in a glitch. The elder brother who never talks and yet leaves his share of ice cream in the fridge when you are down. Well...they have it got it right by saying, blood is always thicker than water. 
This special bond for sure calls for it being celebrated with extra efforts and style.
Thus we present the perfect keepsake rakhis for your brothers, sisters (but ofcourse!), pets(why not!), and anyone else you think is your standby person in life. 
Symbolic of a bond filled with love trust, friendship the Rakhi is a gesture that says I am always there for you. 

Nomad rakhis are consciously handcrafted by our artisans in Saharanpur with the long lost art of Pattra. 
Each piece takes about one-two days from hammering to moulding to notching to bringing these alive in all their vintage splendour. Playing in the hands of artists, each piece is curated dedicatedly and embellished with colourful stones. The notches and the setting play contrastingly with light and reflect glamour.

These nani'kis come with resham ties and a silver trinket which will adorn the wrists of your loved ones gorgeously.
What's more is that they are sustainable and ageproof. Once worn for the festival, these can be altered into beautiful baubles as brooches, lapel pins, hair pins and oh more!! Perfect pocket friendly present for your brother or sister. These lively works of art arrive at your doorstep in a paper packaging with roli, chaval, and chhuara to keep you instant rakhi ready. 
Available to be purcahsed individually or in a set of two, four and nine these also cover distances by posting to the sibling who can't make it home this celebration!

Happy rakshabandhan to one and all! 
Let's spread joy this season with these playful Rakhis.


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