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Total Results - 32
"रेशम के धागे में पिरोया थोड़ा सा प्यार,
एक मोती, एक फूल, एक घुंघरू एक बार,
किसी शहर से बनके,
किसी शहर को पहुंची,
एक राखी बनके खुद एक त्योहार"

Brows scrunched together, she focussed on the needle-eye without blinking till the thread passed through. Waves of deep concentration on her forehead changed into the hint of a victorious smile as two artistic hands began to string together colorful beads deftly.
Ghunghroos tinkled as another set of hands tied up the finishing knot of an almost finished rakhi.
Rakhis that will sing songs on many hands soon are in making over banter and chai.
The maker's heart swelled with joy thinking how resplendent their handiwork will look on the hand of a brother or a sister in some faraway city and how much love it will carry to them from their loved ones.
The thought made the artisan sisters work on a quicker pace afterall, this is the first festival of such a difficult year. They are committed to make the facetime-wali-rakhi extra special this time.
Hence we added a touch of timelessness to the rakhis that we are bringing this Rakshabandhan. With their magical power to turn into a gajra, bohemian scrunchie or a cheery bauble, these are the rakhis that your sibling or paw-bling will love immensely! 
With a million best wishes and hopes for a healthy future, let's bring a shift into the collective emotions with this festival. From gloom to bloom with a festivity that celebrates love in its purest form! 
Threads of promise braided by a pair of hands with musings and folksongs, and posted by another set of hands with prayers tucked into the folds of the envelope, and tied on the hands of a sibling smiling at the mere joy of having received love in the form of a rakhi! Shop these handmade rakhis and lumbas online and send it your siblings.


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