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Let there be love

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LOVE, is an act, an emotion, a way of existence itself. From the simplest act of catching the sunset from our windows to having evening tea in our favourite corner of the home , life is but love in its active form. 

Our homes are an extension of this very love. The place where our souls are most rested, most natural and most in love.

Storing our memories, unique daily routines, journeys marked on window sills and walls and so much more.

Pouring this love into our love of creating, we have made curtains that dance, invite and talk. In fresh hues of pinks, yellows, beiges and blues, these handwoven chanderi and cotton-moss drapes are full of wonder.

Using the ages old technique of applique, intricate  motifs are cut and embroidered on buttery chanderis. A tedius but fulfilling process, that gives our drapes a unique flavour.

Let motifs  of gaiety and spirituality reflect in these labour of love. The art of incorporating these symbols into everyday life is perfected via these drapes. For these interact with one's vital senses daily; touch and vision, birthing a sensory experience every time you see or touch these fluttering curtains.

The everblooming flora from mother nature sprinkled generously is a fresh treat for eyes. Invite peaceful vibes with hamsa, yantra, tree of life and matsaya motifs balancing energies. 

Celebrating the simple cause of a life filled with love, these lively drapes seem to sing, 'let there be love, let there be light, let there be joy...'


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