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First love, the special emotion that  enhances the rest of our being. Time and again the heart revisits its flutters and goes back in time to the happy nostalgia. 
Something similar is our sentiment for chheent. Our first love, our forever muse, this rural print of bold colours and Indian flowers has always been our favourite. 
 The true nomad spirit lies in its colours, freedom and the vibrant print that makes one happy. Instantly! 

As we turn 9, we have collected the best of our memories over the years and bunched them together into an eclectic collection. A medley of print on print ghaghra sets, breezy sarees, appliqué blouses and more, these pieces are the summer styling solutions you wanted. Bespoke tailored for you in our signature styles and some new ones, we bring to you the best of us. 
Silhouettes that let the air flow freely while making a pretty visual are what the Indian design is about. Be it the sensual one drape aka saree or the kalidar skirts that dot the innumerable villages. 
Hence handmade in handwoven cottons and chanderis that soothe the skin these full of life garments will be the best everyday festive you pick.

Great for dancing it out at your best friends wedding or for that family pooja where you want to be ethnic yet be novel, the skirt sets are a statement. 
Taking one on a bohemian style journey, the matching skirt, dupatta and top are pieces are to be worn together or paired with your favs. The classic Nomad saree in softly metallic hues is back with a pinch of extra glamour. To top it off, we have your favourite blouses in more variants to give you the choices you deserve! Our first love are these pieces and you, so we celebrate these two extraordinary things.