Flowers are festive. Weaving this thought into our collection of blooming sarees, we bring to you ENCHANTMENT.

Years of meticulous flower making and love for the art of applique resulted in this labour of love of ours. Creations that have gone through dozens of hands working upon them, one small bud at a time.

A process that involves intricate detailing over many days by skilled masters of the craft of appliqué. 

Use of finest cotton silk and handwoven chanderi's makes these sarees super drapy and light.

Each flower reminds us of happy moments we have experienced while being in nature. From minimal sprinkle of blooms to intricate and heavy spread of flora, you'll find the one suiting all your festive occassions.

The practised hands of our craftswomen bring each flower to life, and attaches them on fabric of the loom one by one. The garment is then tailored for a bespoke fit. Just so that your festivities are as flower-ful as ours. 

A celebratory offering from our hearts for joyful dressing up for your special occasions. Made by many to enchant many.