"Summer has a flavour like no other. Always fresh and simmered in sunshine" -Oprah Winfrey

'Daali' hums summer melodies with its collection of softly embroidered stitched-for-comfort apparels. Threads and needles dance to bring alive flowery creepers on this rustic line of flowy attires. Just as delicate creepers with blooms and buds climb onto any support they find and fill the space with vitality, the collection too scintilates the senses with its embroidered flora.

Rooted in classic Indian colours and hand-woven fabrics, the vintage appeal of dainty flowers dancing on the edges of scarves and skirts charms the wearer and the onlooker alike! As the palpitating heat of June melts into balmy monsoon these comfy pieces in breathy cotton & chanderi soothe the bare skin with each rustle of the fabric against it.

Perfect for summer soirees, these minimally festive ensembles are all one needs to perk up their wardrobes and bask in glory like the happy summer sun!