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Step into our Basti, where rural India's sensuous fashion embraces you. Feel the cotton sarees and hand-spun silk drapes caress your skin with luxurious comfort. The playful frills and floral trims add delight to these conversation starting pieces.

Crafted by skilled artisans, these are wardrobe treasures that speak to your bohemian soul. Experience the vibrant colors and intricate embroideries paint vivid pictures of joy and celebration.

In fruity hues and soft textures, chintz dresses beckon you to move freely. The appliqué and old-school embroidery on embellished pieces showcase mastery and add an heirloom touch.

Basti is a whimsical dressing journey from morning to night, capturing sultry afternoons spent lounging and golden-hour adventures. Embrace the playful elegance of these skin-friendly fabrics that you will fall in love with every wear. This range celebrates life while setting your spirit free. Just as the true Indian dressing spirit. 

For rural India doesn’t do fashion, it is fashionable just as is.