We at NOMAD don’t do “Fashion”. We defy fashion by creating our own.
We don’t follow. We lead. We “Unfashion”.  
NOMAD ghaghra is not just a celebration of our colorful roots but it is also jollification of freedom, of dance, of undulation!

The extensive skirt facilitates ease of movement & entices you to lose all inhibitions, to break into a jig anytime, anywhere. The voluminous drape of the ghaghra also enhances its versatility as it can be paired with a kurta, choli or even a saree & can still steal the show. Bearing in mind that fashion industry is the second most pollution-causing industry, the ghaghra’s versatile nature is a blessing as it cuts down on the need to buy more, in turn reducing the burden on the environment.
The fabric of our ghaghra comes from the loom & is hand-stitched & so, every piece carries the spirit of the artisan. By giving a platform to the handloom weavers, we not only provide them employment but also save a part of our rich tradition. And the artisan shows his gratitude by pouring his soul in the making of the ghaghra. It is not just an outfit; it is love & care bundled & tied in silken strings.

                                                                                                                                  Come now! Join the unfashion brigade.