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Naani'ki Jewelry
Floral Jewelry
Hands are artsy and most observed part of one’s attire. Fingers resting or moving in the air with gestures dressed with bling-rings infuse art in movements and pauses.
Not only this, rings stimulate pressure points on nerves passing through, influencing sensorial responses. For a fact the ring finger leads to the heart and bears more than mere sentimental significance!

Nostalgia comes together with immaculate carving in silver and handmade fabric flowers to make these rings for the physical translators of all emotions, our fingers. For they are the means of reaching out for all human expressions

The motif inspired silver rings are crafted in centuries old pattra in the lanes of Saharanpur. Karigars dedicated to this art bring sepia toned magic alive by hammering, cutting, notching and setting these lightweight adjustible rings that are perfect wear for all occasions.

The textile makutu rings are an ode to the most celebrated art of our households, repurposing fabric into charming baubles. These eccentric bands with boheme flora are curated for the mindful soul that loves to flaunt flowers.

Keep it blingy with many or minimal with one, these amp up the dressing game positively. We love how the Kaeri ring invites the charm of another era the moment you slip it on. And with the Saaru ring? You could never go wrong with it for adding some character to the attire!

These bands of promises and love are memory keepers that act as conversation starters and storytellers.