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From the dusty & crowded bylanes of rural Uttar Pradesh come Naani'ki tales.

Each story relives a bygone era & nudges you back to the days you’ve left far behind. The paraphernalia that formed an inseparable part of our existence now becomes the token that is inserted in the time machine & the memories come flooding out. 

Naaniki silver jewellery by Nomad is an intiative towards craft revival of pattra and evoking sentiment with the sacrosanct art of making and wearing jewellery.
A centuries old craft, Pattra work, reflects a way of living, an India that loved to deck up in slow, intricate designs and revered jewels that are easy to carry and elegant to look at.

PATTRA had its major influence during the pre-partition era. With time it lost its hold over dressing mirrors and jewellers saw these jewels being melted down on request to make new jewels. To revive rhe old world charm of trinkets from our mothers and naanis wedding albums, Nomad connected with niche artisans in rural Uttar Pradesh and brought back to life the nostalgic designs of the past.

From chandbalis to karnphools, from studs to ornate heavy jhoomers, from passa to mathapattis, from toe rings to naths, from new age hair bands to kamarbands, from intricate lattices to star shaped studs, from semi precious stones to Patti’s hanging delicately, naaniki jewels are all about the art of dressing up, shringara! 

With certified silver purity of 92.5, Naaniki jewels are handcrafted by melting chunks of silver into thin sheets, hammering, cutting, notching, setting and soldering, all by practiced fingers that make this divine process look like an enchanting dance of fingers. These artisans put generations of knowledge & dedicated life into these trinkets to make these timekeepers for you.

"Chhilai” is the art of manually scraping the thin metal sheet to make the light back & glow. “Jawaabi” is the craft of painstakingly tracing the design at the back of the piece to give it a uniform appearance. 
These nearly lost techniques find their way back into the Naani’ki jewels. When you buy Naani'ki handmade gold tone silver jewelry, you don’t just wear a piece, you wear a slice of an era. 

Naani'ki is crafted lovingly for women in India with a great eye to detail, thus bringing back the lost traditions integral to jewelry-making in the pre-partition India. From everyday fine baubles to elaborate bridal ornaments, there is something for every woman in this curation.

All Naaniki pieces hence are jewels rooted in tradition, values in sentiment. By buying these handmade pieces you aid in employment of rural artisans.
Feeling of Nostalgia guaranteed.

So get these vintage handmade silver jewellery for women online on NOMAD and revive the ecosystem of lost art and it’s struggling artisans. 

Timeless Elegance: Vintage Silver Hair Pins and Handmade Patra Jewelry
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Handmade Patra Jewelry: Crafted with Heart
Our handmade patra jewelry collection showcases the artistry and creativity of skilled artisans. Crafted with love and precision, these pieces are more than accessories; they're expressions of culture and tradition that honor the heritage of Patra craftsmanship. Each piece narrates a story through intricate detailing, capturing the essence of the artisan's touch and dedication.

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