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जो मन को गुदगुदाए, थोड़ा हंसाए

ऐसे खेल खेला करती वो

गुनगुनाती कभी खिलखिलाती

खुल के गाती नाचती वो

बारिश में भी, खुद से बातें करती

हर पल अल्हड़ गीत गाती वो

उम्र और वक्त से परे, हंसती खेलती सी

दिल से जवान कहानियां सुनती वो!

An ode to the forever young spirit in us, ‘Dil se Jawan’ is a capsule that plays with colors of spring and the essence of youth in its vibrant apparel and accessories.

Eternally sunny, yellow rules this line with its springtime freshness that will linger on year-round. Colors borrowed from seasonal harvests come together from champa-safed to sarso-peela accompanied by floral pastels in the flowy silhouettes. We promise to walk you through the magic of Basant through this collection, the rtu that celebrates the dazed youthfulness of the human core.

The romantic tie-dyes dipped in sunshine stimulates the senses with its fluid movement against the bare skin, perhaps like a summer song! Layered blouses chanderi blouses and breezy sarees present infinite dressing options for spring soirees and summer festivities. Nomad's iconic flora invites a new member to the family, the raatrani. 

(The infused alhad-panti of phagun makes this collection all about a moment of joy, a tiny giggle, a Khilkhilati hansi, a spontaneous memory making us relive a happy moment leaving us with a fresh zest for life. 

Adding a pinch of holi humor to its nomenclature, the handmade beauties have been named after the human emotions of passion, happiness & spontaneity of youth! Be it the Dhoom Machati dress or the Rang Jamati saree, the artisanal range is meant to engage the human heart with self and others.

 From the makers to the takers and all the doers in between, we believe when the Khoob Sharmati saree changes hands, hearts will definitely pause and smile! Hai na?