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A dress is something that brings out the adventurous girl in every woman. Carefree, energetic and dreamy, the Nomad dress lends ecstatic vibes to the art of dressing up. 

In vibrant hues and breezy fabrics, this twirly attire is for the bohemian forever young soul who throws no caution to the winds and lives on the go. Appealing to the Nomad within, it is handmade to be as unique as you are. Slow stitched to the tiniest of details, it is crafted with the utter desire to create beautiful things that bring joy to the wearer. 

With time tested fabrics from the loom, these seasoned pieces are made of handwoven fabrics that let them skin breathe. An initiative to make less but be more, curating these dresses purely by hand has been as joyful as it has been meaningful. The Nomad dress is made with a zero waste policy by up cycling all the scraps of fabrics into the flowers that are hand-appliquéd onto it. One of our most favourites, the Mavi dress in sky blue with vivid flowers dancing in its hem is an example of our sustainable dresses. 

Solid dresses in silks enchant the luxury loving soul that wants to be sustainable too for hand spun silk is the most ecofriendly fabric of all. Breezy cottons with rabari chhent in vibrant colours add all the thrill that the bohemian in you desires while keeping it comfortable! Tissue chanderis that feel like second skin in our signature overlay robes with drawstrings are wardrobe staples that will last seasons of fashions and yet be as stylish as ever. 

While the Iris & Poppy dresses are a burst of colour with freeing flares, the Kaya kaftaan is a vivid expression of the bohemian soul with its strong colours in a soft sheer fabric! 

What we wear and how wear is a pure extension of ourselves. These dresses with cinched waists, floral prints, handmade buttons, subtle embroideries, ruffles at the neck or wrists and many more such personal details carve out the persona of the wearer and declare to the world softly the free will of your bohemian heart!