Tapti FLoral Chintz Cotton Saree

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Swaddle sunshine. Wrap me happy in your heart. The pop like mystery of our chintz saree will make you feel good. The mashru border adds grace. Moreover who minds an extra helping of flowers. one for each feeling.
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Price in points: 49000
gullak Earned in Gullak : 980


  • 98.7% Love
  • Rural Chintz 
  • Pure mulmul cotton
  • Screen printed
  • weight 800grams
  • Dry clean only

Meet Tapti

Tapti flows from the eastern Satpura range in southern Madhya Pradesh.  According to Hindu mythology, Tapti is a sibling of Lord Shani. It is also believed to be the daughter of Sun God and his consort, Chhaya.

According to some beliefs, the Sun God brought about Tapi River to protect himself from his heat. There is a mention of this river in the epic Mahabharata. Going by this epic, Tapti is the consort of Sanvaran, 

who is considered to be legend of the moon dynasty. They gave birth to a son named Kuru, after whose name a dynasty called Kuru was established.  Tapi ot Tapti is the daughter of Surya.

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