Lovers Applique Chanderi Tissue Saree

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“I’ve never seen a moon in the sky that, if it didn’t take my breath away, at least misplaced it for a moment”
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Just as one couldn't resist falling for the moon, one couldn't but fall for the  "lovers applique chanderi tissue saree".  Dreamy flora afloating this saree the color of wispy clouds, it simply takes the lover's breath away.

The white hue of the saree contrasted by the colorful spread of flowers is simply romantic.

In our efforts to capture the beauty and transience of garden, we make flowers with all our love. Each floret requires precision, skill and generous amount of time to come to life.

The beauty of this saree will be enhanced more by pairing it with cream colored mashru silk blouse piece which comes with it.

  • 1 meter Mashru Silk Blouse piece in cream included
  • Hand rolled flower upcycled out of scraps appliquéd all over
  • Purely handmade by local artisans to support the handicraft community
  • Flower made with love by Rekha, Mira, Shivani, Saloni, Surekha, Halima, Nagma, Rinku and Neha
  • Sustainable fabrics and craft practices are employed to create, recycle and reuse with zero waste approach
Measurement Details:

Saree Length 5.75 meters
Saree width 43.5 inches

Fabric:a HandwovenTissue chanderi

Care instructions:

Dry clean only

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  • repurposed
  • handmade
  • rural
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Customer Reviews

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by 🙏 on 25-Jan-2023
Very pretty flower spread on the saree

"Fabulous Saree"

by A S on 02-Apr-2022
Got a lot of compliments for this one. Gorgeous appliqué work.

"Very flowery Saree"

by Rani Nandan on 24-Jun-2019
I like all things handmade, Lovers is a beautiful saree. Thanks nomad ladies !!

"Love the Saree, its such a treasure :)"

by Torsha Thakur on 07-Mar-2019
Makes me happy


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