Who made my clothes


                                                                                                                                 Meet Haleema

Haleema’s most distinguishing character, apart from her talent with the thread, is her shy smile, which she often breaks into especially when complimented over her work or prettiness.The ever graceful Haleema has been an integral part of NOMAD since its inception & has breathed life into hundreds of ghaghras & blouses with her expert embroidery.

The thread & the needle are her slaves & move whichever way their master commands. They plunge into the cloth deftly & emerge victorious, having created the most beautiful motifs ever! When she gets too absorbed in the sea of fabric, Haleema sometimes hums a favorite tune.When the day winds up, she goes back home to a husband, two daughters & a son. Oh, & she also has two more family members. Of the furry kind; Rabbits! Her space is small but if you ever visit her you’ll realize that she effortlessly makes up for it by having a large heart.

NOMAD is fortunate to have Haleema by it’s side!