The Dreamer

I hail from a small town in North India. Colors fascinate me and dance is my life! After trying out various avatars as a Spanish Teacher and Baker, I finally found my calling upon a chance meeting with a Rabari woman. Bowled over by the beauty and ease of her movements, I noticed that the colorful ghaghra was the element that lent grace to the Rabari woman’s walk. It was an epiphany moment for me!

Thus Nomad started as a personal dream.. to get in touch with my own roots, to feel the Earth beneath, to not shy away from what constitutes me ... & NOW!, the journey has translated into an impersonal one , telling stories that belong to each one of us discovered or undiscovered.Embracing what has always been and what will always be .. Close to our hearts...

More than ten years and thousands of ghaghras later, i still remain as passionately in love with the garment as ever. 


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