Rural Inspiration

NOMAD is eternally in love with our roots; The rural India! Not only is it colorful and celebratory but it also lives in perfect harmony with nature! Rural India inspires us in more ways than one. It:

  • Is simple yet extremely aesthetic.
  • Is very sustainable. Be it the thatched roofs or clay pots, it seamlessly blends into its surroundings with minimum fuss.
  • Follows the “Less is more” philosophy.
  • Every item of use is produced and sourced locally thereby reducing the burden on the Mother.
  • Generous in appreciating nature through their craft. Be it the birds, trees or flowers; the motifs are a tribute to the ever-nurturing Mother!
  • With ease of movement being a priority due to demanding rustic tasks, the rural sartorial style is all about comfort. But with “celebration” forming the core of rural philosophy, there is a perpetual burst of colors on the garments lending them a unique charm.
  •  Rural India is deeply spiritual and the indifference to vanity culminates in coming together of fashion no-no’s such as print on print or contrasting bright colors such as pink and orange in a way that seems most organic and stunning. Rural India “unfashions” confidently and proudly!