Nostalgia – A bittersweet longing for things, persons or situations of the past.

Nothing describes the sentiment behind Naani’ki than the word “Nostalgia”. In between the madness of day to day living, we often come face to face with a memory hidden in the deep recesses of our mind; like a bubble that comes floating out of nowhere when a long forgotten trinket or knick-knack is discovered…

What starts as a recollection of a small incident eventually turns into a deluge which brings with it memories of surroundings, people, rituals, aesthetics…. and an entire era is re-lived. Naani’ki is re-telling & re-living of an era! Just as we found a sense of calm & solace in re-visiting the hazy yet cozy lanes of the past, we hope you too find resonance in the stories & designs we bring to you from bygone times. Join us on a journey to the golden olden.