If NOMAD was born out of passion, Naani’ki was born out of a longing…. The longing to dwell in the warm & snug corners of the past when everything was simple, fuss-free yet extremely aesthetic! Often it so happens, as we grow old, we start appreciating the wisdom & depth that lay in being simple & seek refuge in memories brought upon by old things. Naani’ki is our refuge from the din & distractions of the present. In its designs we revive the past that is long gone but lives on in our memories. Right from the “Patra work” on the jewelry to the recollection of the surroundings, people, language & mannerisms of the foregone times through our stories, Naani’ki yearns to snatch back from the hands of time the moments it has sealed in a potli & kept away in an almirah! We have quietly opened the almirah & undone the potli....

The memories are now overflowing. If you have witnessed the era even in its fading glory, these designs & stories would resonate with you. Float away…


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