Fabrics of Nomad


Chheent” “Chintz” or “Calico” is the one of the most versatile patterns to exist in fashion history.  It traces its roots to Southern India where the British first set up factories for spice trade. Fascinated by the brightly painted & printed floral patterns that appeared on most garments, known as “Chintzes”, they took it back home. The pattern was modified to suit the British tastes & it soon became a rage across Europe.

Chheent has been the signature print at NOMAD as we are as intensely in love with the pattern as the Europeans of the yore & are on a mission to revive this stunning legacy which, over the years nearly lost out to stripes & checks.

Our USP is that we use the Chheent in its absolute original form as used by the Rabari tribe inhabiting the Northern lands of India. We believe it is our responsibility to present to our followers a slice of history as it existed. The Rabari tribe has spent a great deal of painstaking effort to create these motifs & any modification on our part would be injustice to their creativity.

NOMAD is not just a label, it’s a tribute!