Valentine Gift Box

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Love is always in the air..

We are all obsessed with the beauty of flowers, arent we?

how about we let them adorn our Mother nature in wild and in our gardens and instead gift ones that are eco friendly and will last a lifetime.

the Nomaf flowers are handrolled and stitched by women artisans from Harijan Basti. They are an effort to reduce clothing waste withhin Nomad

and thats not all, because we promise "one glance is sure to bring a smile on anyone face.


 Adorn them as brooches, hair accesories, and bold jewels for your gyspsy heart.

Nomad brings gift boxes that are 100% handcrafted for your loved one. the shreds of our fabric are meticulously rolled and stitched to take shape 

of something that speaks a thousand tales of romance. Flowers that wont leave your sight for a very long time. 


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