Utopia Summer 2019

Utopia Summer 2019

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We bring to you the summer spring collection inspired by the imagined gardens of UTOPIA. Where the nomads came across the most exquisite flowers sprayed in bountiful over hills and valleys in enchanting colors.

The sweet heady scent wafting from fruit orchards through valleys drove them deeper into the wilderness where the plants danced and colors lounged upon mushroom huts. The utopians wondered at this exquisite scene where colors were people and plants were people and animals were people too and all lived in vibrant happiness.
From the land of laughter and dreams, they brought pockets full of magic dust and wove it into clever clover, sundaze blaze, snowdrop, golden shower....a collection of fruity ensembles.
A touch of freshness and liveliness to break the sunny lull with their monochrome setting, fresh palettes and earthy weaves.
Adorned with character scallops, laced hems, perky pockets, this bohemian collection believes in attention to detail.

Embark upon our journey to slow fashion with UTOPIA. 


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