Seven Petals

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Floral Jewelry

Seven petals is a promise to keep the beauty of handmade alive while being sustainable to the core. 

Rooted in Nomad’s core seven values, these textile jewels are hand made by local artisans working in a sustainable circular ecosystem. 

Made sustainably with fabric remains from apparel, the collection showcases the mastery of local women artisans. While promoting our ecosystem of fair wages, ethical work hours, growth inspired work culture and slow fashion.

Heady mogra , roses and freshly plucked marigolds have been adorned by brides to be since time immemorial. Infusing their sensual fragrance into a woman’s once in a lifetime moments, floral jewellery has always lent it’s charm to the wearer. Weaving this pristine tradition with awe inspiring bio-mimicry, we have brought to you Seven Petals. Replicating nature’s blooms into long lasting floral jewellery that will take you back into nostalgia of your happy moments each time you look at these.

Created with the desire to wear nature’s bounty and yet be sustainable;

Seven Petals is yet another endeavour to wear flowers that last. And not flora that’s happier on their branches.