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Floral Jewelry

As spring takes over with bountiful blooms rioting the sidewalks, we bring to you flowers for your hair.. Through ages and stories we have seen a spectacular rose tucked just above the ear or tiny floral sprays arranged amidst soft waves or tiaras of wildflowers playfully made in camaraderie and placed as headbands. Hair styling in india dates back to the Harappan civilizations, be it the multiple braids to add drama, embellished coiffures or the rituals of fragrance applied via smoked dhuna and essential oils or styling with elaborate hairpieces with jewels and flowers;

The slow and mindful art of dressing one's hair is an ancient one that we have reimagined in our “Rangeela”collection with dainty Raat Rani flowers. The blooms that romance with dewy nights and fall softly kissing the earth in mornings, a perfect muse for picking up and tucking in your tresses. Taking a cue from this dreamy imagery we hand rolled hundreds of these blooms in all colours for all hair. Be it a pixie cut or hair that sway in rhythm of your waist as you walk, these floral arrangements are for everyone. Wear, gift, lend or borrow, these doodads add that extra spring to your step. For don't we all feel like we have taken over the world when we dress our hair with flowers? 

Aur fir humein to phool banane ki aadat hai na!