Petticoat Skirt

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Petticoats although necessary has somehow lost its romance that was so prominent in the good old days. The delicate selection of fluffy cottons for everyday and satin silks for richer drapes

was something women usually hand stitched on black usha machines. That unmotorised instrument and the skilled hands could make the best possible 

fit for themselves. sure they do, considering we all know our body the best and if we were only technically skilled to stitch we sure would do justice to the curves.

That was a talented and attentive to detail woman generation.

They loved the play of laces and fine trimed hem. the "jhallar" was the key element for the petticoat only after the choice of fabric and color. 

We at Nomad have always loved the idea of starting the dressing up game from the very inner layer. Hence, the petticoat. 

The nomad petticoat is as India rooted as possible.The feel and finish so fine that its underskirt is more than ready to be at the forefront.

With pop colors and gardenia all over, they can make anyone smile at a mere glimpse. Feel firtacous and lively while you put on those 

6 yards on your body. Tie the saree just 1/2 inch above your regular height and see the drama. Adding a petticoat to your outfit is often quite optional. But 

Making people smile = awesome! ?(As a bonus, the shape of a nicely-fitted petticoat enhances the nipped-in waist area. 

The drawstring waistband of our petticoats is intended to sit on your natural waist,

 giving that wonderful silhouette and swirl. Buy our chintz vintage patterns cotton petticoats online in India. We are delivering India 

inspired underskirts all over the world. With Cash on delivery in India, the convinience of owning a Nomad petticoat skirt is a click away

Yay wind! I also never mind when my petticoat peeks out from underneath my wings.


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