Limited Edition 1

Limited Edition 1

12-15 February

Our creative juices are over-flowing. And the results are quirky, fun, eye-catching yet, signature NOMAD. It all started as an experiment with merging NOMAD & Nani’ki & now we are on a roll.  Having created some stylishly bohemian clothing & jewelry, we just can’t seem to stop! These limited edition, one-of-kind labors of love would be available exclusively only for four days every month! From clothes to jewelry, NOMAD has something for everyone and every budget. To make your shopping fun & value for money, the “limited edition” would feature unique, handmade products with a special price tag. 
Clothes and jewels that appeal to the urban fashionista who is yearning to connect with her roots & find her footing away from the vast world of fleeting trends and fads. They are a toast to the woman with a refined taste and an eye for detail. Products that give an offbeat twist to the mundane, that are distinct yet do not wait for a special occasion. And what’s more! In case you miss it once, it’s not the end. The “Limited Edition Event” will appear every month along with some wonderful deals, prices & products. NOMAD suggests you mark it on your calendar so as not to miss all the great offers that the event promises to bring to you, apart from some great designs. This is one limited edition with unlimited creativity. Unveiled every month. So come, click away!


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