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I am ...

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I am....
I am everything that the universe is. 
The moon, the sun, the water, the earth, the fire, the sky, the birds, the flowers, the trees, the leaves, the colors.
I am red, blue, purple, white, yellow, lilac, orange, black, I am the million colors that bring this world alive.
I am the Yin, the feminine that flows like rivers across the terrains breathing life into the lands they touch.
I am the classic, the contemporary, the history, the future, the past, the present, everything that is now is 'I am...'.
I am enough. I am a pause, a sentence, a word, a poem, I am the epic that runs from century to century telling tales of women that take pride in who they are, who say 'I am...' and own it.

We bring to you a collection that takes care of being YOU in a classic way, one that is timeless and never goes out of style. Be it any season, any place. 
As the world takes a pause in the most unpredictable times, socializing traditions have changed. 
In such shifting scenarios we hanker for a human voice, interaction and contact but socialize in a soft and subtle manner.
Everything is more close-knit, more intimate and personal. In such gatherings, more interaction is but imperative and for this purpose we sat for days and ideated a curation that will celebrate a sombre mood of your sparkly self.
Attires that you can walk, talk and dance around without the fuss of heavy fabrics and treatments that weighs you down.
'I am...' is here to celebrate the song of yourself and is here to stay.


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