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Gift of Love

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Every gift from someone and for someone we love is a wish for happiness. We marvel at the fact that gifts infuse the sentiments of the giver and the receiver into one object and turn it into a memory!

Keeping this sanctity in mind, we make giftable trinkets and accessories with as much thought as you put into the process of choosing them. Gifting is an art and that is how we take it.

The anticipation of selecting, visualizing, purchasing, packing, and then finally gifting is as tickling as the joy of receiving presents. We put this emotion into our love for the craft to make giftable baubles that spark joy! 

The 'Gift of love' is a curated shop of products that are festive and celebratory in nature. Keepsakes that remind your loved ones of the bond that you share for a long time. 

From quirky skirts to boheme earrings, from rustling silks to vintage hair pins, from dressy tops to serene curtains, we have handpicked ready-to-ship products that will add to the happiness of the giver and the receiver alike!

P.S. our hearts are already beaming gleefully at the very thought of our handmade memory-keepers being a part of your celebrations!


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