Gulbahara, Gulpari, Gulzari..The names reflect the various moods of flower blossoms & its these scintillating colors & hues that NOMAD scarves for women online strive to capture. As Mother Nature gently nudges us towards a new beginning through the change in season, we make this change a little magical for you by wrapping you in the cozy warmth of our woolen scarves for women in India. Made with rabbit wool, these authentic gypsy stoles & mufflers for women make those slightly chilly evenings endurable for you. Originally meant for light cold weather, we recommend you let these scarves & stoles add style to your woolens even during intense cold.  Just wrap them around your neck before donning that jacket or sweater & look like a gypsy diva!

The colors of our stoles & scarves for women mirror the beauty of nature’s palette. Our floral obsession has led us into stitching hand-made recycled fabric roses on the edges. To add a royal charm & playfulness to the floral princess, we also attached fabric “moti”.  Every stitch of zari across the stole, carries the warm  energy of our artisans as they seek solace from chill in the touch of the snug wool. This exchange of energies creates a spark which lends our scarves & stoles for women a tender homeliness which reminds us of everything winter; the endless cups of adrak chai, the snugness of a blanket on a chilly morning, pressing the snooze button one last time to stay 5 more minutes in the blanket, the aroma of hot food, the popping of peanuts AND the crunchy sweetness of “revadi” & “gajjak”! NOMAD scarves for women are not just a piece of fabric, they are leaf out of your memory-book. As if all this didn’t make them irresistible enough, we suddenly remembered that they are super light-weight & hence, extremely easy to carry in a bag. The cheery colors are meant to uplift even the gloomiest & greyest wintery noon. Never has wearing a stole or muffler been so much fun than it is with NOMAD!


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