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Introducing "Daevi," a transcendent jewelry collection that fuses the divine elegance of vintage jewels into contemporary allure. It is an immersive experience of the ancient jewel making crafts in the modern era for your inner goddess.

Each layered piece weaves a narrative of power dressing conjured imaginatively and traced historically. From intricate filigree work to the timeless artistry of semi precious stone setting, the handmade collection pays homage to the feminine divine.

The cool metal silver often used for prayer utensils is moulded into rich jewels. With latkans that add movement to jewels, and multiple layers, Daevi is captivating for all the senses. Beyond aesthetics, "Daevi" encapsulates the emotional essence of jewelry in the lives of Indian women. Symbolising cultural identity, empowerment, and cherished connections through the passing of jewels from one generation the next. This collection resonates with the profound significance of jewellery becoming an emotional heirloom that traverses generations.

With a perfect blend of regality and modernity, "Daevi" invites you to embrace the divine within, celebrating strength, grace, and beauty through every meticulously crafted piece.